CashAnalytics is a market-leading software company that helps treasurers to produce the highest quality cash forecasts. By automating the administrative tasks that cause cash and liquidity forecasting to take unnecessary time and effort, CashAnalytics enables treasurers and finance managers to focus on adding real value to the business.

Our clients are global leaders across a range of industries. We understand that each of them has different needs, so we tailor our services to suit them. We know how important cash forecasting is, that’s why we help our clients to increase the quality of their cash forecasts by improving accuracy, reducing risk, and increasing efficiency.

Lessons from Innospec on Building a Strong Cash Culture

Without ready access to the key metrics of cash forecasting, Andrew Hawes (Innospec) knew the business could do little more than react to events. But without the collaboration of key stakeholders too, he knew that access to that information would only ever be limited. In this podcast.

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The Path to Transformational Global Cash Visibility

Davina Bradley (CEVA Logistics) and Conor Deegan (CashAnalytics) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to explore how treasurers can transform their cash visibility and forecasting within their business in a matter of weeks using a tried and trusted method facilitated by a bespoke tec…

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Building a Better Cash Forecasting Toolkit

Without effective forecasting, companies are essentially flying blind into the future. We look at the role of new technology evolving to help tackle this challenge. While much of the finance function has digitised in recent years it’s fair to assume that most cash forecasting activity, even in…

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Building a Data Driven Cash Forecast (with Minimum Effort)

TMI’s Eleanor Hill is joined by Conor Deegan, CashAnalytics, and TMI Award winner François Masquelier to discuss how to make use of internal and external cash flow data sources to create reliable and accurate cash flow forecasts.  The panel discuss what data you need to build a high…

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