Since 1997, DataLog Finance has provided on-premises or SaaS solutions designed to satisfy all present and future needs of corporate treasuries.

Its smart TMS Treasury Line is the first Front-to-Back-to-Book-to-Payments software package meeting all the corporate treasurers’ expectations in a unique full Web system:

  • management of financial transactions and associated risk
  • payment and collection centralization
  • comprehensive cash and liquidity management, netting and accounting
  • eBAM and BAM
  • bank communication
  • forecasts/actuals reconciliation
  • trade confirmations matching tool (replacement of SWIFT Accord)
  • multi-protocol bank communication
  • single data repository
  • unlimited customizable workflows
  • powerful import and export module

Along with the innovative Treasury Line, the payment factory CashPooler remains one of DataLog Finance’s other valuable offerings. With workflows adaptable to any strategy and a multi-format import/export engine, the software can fit any organization and automate tasks from upstream systems to the banks, and vice versa.

CashPooler also includes eBAM, bank communication, SEPAmail and many other modules.

Through these modern solutions, the treasury information system is standardised in a secured environment, making it easier for subsidiaries to access the solution thanks to simple deployment, and allowing central treasuries to view and to control the whole treasury scope.

Over the years, DataLog Finance has gained the confidence of very large groups all over the world, such as IBM, Danone, Total, Axa, Thales, Engie, Orange, Airbus Group, EDF or Carrefour. DataLog Finance products are used on a daily basis in more than 100 countries by more than 15,000 users.