About Datalog Finance

Designed for Group Treasurers, Liquidity and Cash Managers and CFOs, Datalog TMS (from Datalog Finance) is a comprehensive all-in-one SaaS or On-Premises Treasury and Risk Management System that integrates seamlessly with any system or process, giving full control and visibility over short- and long-term liquidity.

Thanks to its flexible secured Microsoft Azure SaaS platform, Datalog provides fast secured connectivity with all major ERP and accounting systems, all the world’s banks, and most market data providers, anti-fraud connectors and other business APIs / webservices.

20,000+ users worldwide currently manage their treasury with the scalable Datalog TMS suite, sending and receiving millions of transactions in 100+ countries every single day. The advanced Treasury Management System combines all the features needed in integrated modules deployed alone or together, in any order or combination.

The approach takes treasury departments to the next level with the one-of-a-kind Payment Factory | best-in-class Cash and Liquidity Management | In-House Banking | Financial Operation and Risk Management | Customizable Accounting engine including Hedging | Bank reconciliation | (e)BAM | Anti-Fraud | Native connectivity to ERPs, accounting systems, banks and other systems or standards (market data, anti-fraud, screening, AML/CFT, KYC, real-time payments…)…, all connected seamlessly in a single all-in-one platform.

Products & Services

With its flexible no-code parameters approach by design and its powerful format-agnostic import-export engine, Datalog TMS adapts to any user and corporate structure, no matter how the group and subsidiaries are organized and regardless of hierarchy, governance, management or controls.

Datalog TMS is designed to provide the treasury teams with real-time visibility over the company’s global cash position and to minimize the time spent wrangling with static or outdated spreadsheets. By augmenting the treasury staff’s abilities, the treasurers are given more time to collaborate with business teams and financial partners on value-added strategic matters–analyzing forecasts, optimizing the company’s cash and liquid assets, minimizing fraud and payment risk, and turning the treasury into a true business partner, actively contributing to company growth and taking meaningful reports to the CFO.

Security and Compliance

Datalog TMS is compliant to ISAE3402, SOC 1, 2 and 3, ISO 27001, , DSP2 requirements (including Multi-Factor Authentication – MFA), Anti-Fraud, AML/CFT, etc. and is SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Program) and Interfaces certified.
Besides, Datalog TMS includes US GAAP and IFRS / IAS standards, EMIR reporting, Audit trails and a dynamic reporting module.

Flexibility and Adaptability

After the initial setup phase, deploying additional modules is friction-free with Datalog TMS. The platform is designed to expand over time to accommodate company growth and any evolving treasury needs, with no additional IT assistance (interfacing, setup, maintenance) or development required, thanks to a native no-code design, visual workflows and settings. Treasurers can easily deploy new business units on their own on the scope required by the group’s strategy, with no hidden fees.

Its modern User Experience enables: Easy learning curve, No-code interfacing, import/export and unlimited scalability, Included APIs / webservices to retrieve and integrate data in third-party tools, Integrated cross-cutting Robotic Process Automation (RPA – including customized automated workflows, AI categorization and forecasting, task scheduling…), 24/5 support and Automated regular updates and clear maintenance schedules.

Datalog Finance’s system and teams adapt to the group’s organization and to its client’s work processes and strategy.

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