About DataLog Finance

DataLog Finance develops, provides and implements solutions dedicated to treasurers that can be easily integrated into any information system, with customizable workflows, totally secure and in full compliance with regulations (IAS / IFRS, EMIR, SEPA…). It supports multinational companies and institutions on every continent in the international deployment of their solution, including locally through its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) and North America (Canada).

DataLog Finance’s treasury software is adapted to large groups and mid-market companies, in Cloud or On-Premises versions.

The integrated Treasury Line TMS (Treasury Management System), also called TRMS (Treasury and Risk Management System) enables the management and automation of all treasurer’s activities: Cash and Liquidity Management, AI Forecasts, Financial Operations and Risk management, Fraud detection, Payments/Collections, Accounting, BAM & eBAM, In-House Bank…

Treasury Line fully adapts to the specificities and evolutions of the company, thanks to its unequalled parameterization power and its modularity, ensuring rapid productivity gains after implementation, thanks in particular to the activation of its AI dedicated to forecasting.

Its high-performance software packages provide complete security for both applications (https, sftp, MFA okta, SAML v2, database encryption and sealing) and business processes (compliance, fraud detection and prevention, AML/ATL, advanced rights management, etc. + ISAE 3402 compliance).

They are available in SaaS Multi-tenant (Cloud) or On-Premises (licenses) and used by more than 17,000 users in many companies (IBM, EDF, Danone, Total, Engie, Orange, AXA, Airbus Group, Decathlon, Thales, Capgemini, Carrefour…) and its subsidiaries all over the world.

Focus on the TMS Treasury Line

With its TMS Treasury Line, DataLog Finance intends to meet the three major challenges of the large companies’ finance and treasury departments and of their subsidiaries, and to their specific complexity:

  • Optimization of relations with banks
  • Simplification of the integration in the IS
  • Centralized and comprehensive management of intra-group relations between the holding company and subsidiaries

Treasury Line is an integrated Treasury Management System (TMS) that manages cash, payments, bank communication, financial operations and associated risks, and cross-functional In-House Banking (allowing the centralization of intra-group relations between the parent company and subsidiaries). It also includes an “Affiliates” portal that provides a 360° view of the group’s activities and allows for the management of all of its financial flows.

Fully customizable without any specific development, Treasury Line is able to communicate with any kind of file format (1000+ native and other formats 100% customizable in the TMS) and upstream or downstream system (ERP, accounting, banks, market data…), making neutral the previous company’s choices related to TMS integration (regarding its information system, organizational strategy, etc.)

The system is based on a core design approach (https, sftp, MFA okta, SAML v2, encryption and sealing of the database…) and a philosophy that ensures flawless software and functional security, served by a unique reference repository and database. Treasury Line also respects the regulatory standards of the industry (fraud, AML-CFT, EMIR, GAAP, advanced rights management and 4-eye validation, ISAE 3402 compliance, ISO standards in SaaS…).

Based on an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) concept dedicated to all the missions of the treasury department, Treasury Line allows to customize and plan any automatable task (payment grouping, reception of flows, reports, notifications, workflows…).

By automating, natively or by parameterization, the whole operating and decision-making process (adaptable scenarios, personalized workflows…), the system allows to generate quick productivity gains after deployment.

Praised for its ability to manage large volumes of data, Treasury Line covers all the activities of the company’s treasury department and evolves (upgrades, activation of new modules or new functionalities) according to the needs of its clients and to the market realities (regulatory, technological, functional…) for a robust, simple and flexible use.

DataLog Finance supports international companies, their subsidiaries and institutions worldwide. With its French headquarters and subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, DataLog Finance relies on a vast network dedicated to the implementation and integration of its TMS Treasury Line, available in On-Premises or SaaS (Cloud or dedicated) mode for optimized costs.


DataLog Finance

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