Case Studies

Fides Multibanking Suite – Your Central Platform for Global Bank Management
Centralise your bank accounts and make payments to anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, through an intuitive web interface. Fides centralizes and simplifies global multi-bank connectivity and transaction communications. The modular Fides Multibanking Suite gives you complete visibility into and control over your banking connections and transactions, with secure access from…
Fides Hybrid Service Bureau Model
The Fides Hybrid Model is a unique multi-network, dual-BIC service option helping corporates to overcome gaps in the SWIFT SCORE readiness of their banks and further that allows corporate treasury teams to optimize and quickly expand their banking reach, with the added ability to integrate with third-party ERP, TMS, and other backend systems with our…
Fides Validation Services for Payment and Messaging Continuity
With a proprietary toolkit of validation, file conversion, and sanction filtering capabilities, Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable.
Fides Electronic File Transfer (EFT) Solution
Corporations need their payments executed securely, quickly, and at a low cost. What they don’t want is to set up complicated bank interfaces, worry about data breaches, or search for the best payment channel. Corporates need a single platform that can optimally process payments of all formats to their global banking partners. Fides’ Electronic File…
Fides Account Reporting Solution (ARS) – Integrated Multibank Aggregation and Reporting
Fides’ Account Reporting Solution provides you with a simple way to normalize and validate all bank transaction information. This allows the opportunity to produce the same report in a fraction of the time and it’s all at your fingertips. ARS consolidates account information such as balances, transactions, and booking texts from your banking partners around…
Fides Multibanking Ecosystem
The Fides multibanking ecosystem spans the entire treasury world, allowing us to offer a wide range of partner solutions that extend the value of our Multibanking Suite. Our goal is to provide a single platform where corporate treasurers, treasury analysts, cash managers, and CFOs can access all the tools needed for managing day-to-day responsibilities.
Fides Conversion Services
Sending and receiving payments involves disparate exchange protocols and messaging formats. Even XML ISO 20022 is not a global standard. Each country, and each bank, can have its own requirements, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Fides assures that clients’ payment and messaging activity are accurate and reliable.