The EACT is comprised of a group of national associations representing treasury and finance professionals in 19 EU countries, along with Switzerland and Russia. They bring together approximately 13,000 members representing 6,500 groups/companies located within the EU.  They regularly correspond with the European authorities, national governments, regulators and standard-setters on issues faced by treasury and finance professionals across Europe. 

The EACT seeks to encourage the progression of treasury, corporate finance and risk management, whilst promoting the value of treasury skills through best practice and education.

Main Objectives

. Promote the treasury profession both within the industry and externally

. Support the professional development of treasures within the involved NTAs. This is performed with the provision of training courses, career support, networking oppurtunities and more.

. Encourage the influencing of regulatory influences inside the EU as well as internationally, that directly affect the work of treasurers.

. Develop and strengthen relationships with EU bodies/ other international bodies that impact treasury and finance.

. Promote and raise the profile of the treasury profession by organizing working groups, workshops and conferences 

. Support the professional development of treasurers within the NTA's

Contact Us

EACT Secretary,
Telephone: + 33 (0)1 42 81 53 98

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