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“The definition of what treasury management actually entails depends a lot on the structure of a company and the markets it operates in. The treasury department may, for example, be focused on the management of financial instruments and risks or it may control all the processes along the financial supply chain. Consequently, the requirements of what a treasury management system should cover can vary significantly. A modular approach often delivers best results, as companies can choose those solutions that perfectly match their individual requirements.

This is why we at Hanse Orga Group have united specialized subsidiaries under one umbrella: With foundation of the consulting company SymQ as well as the acquisition of cogon in 2012 the company successfully expanded into new business segments. In September 2016, the investor Waterland invested in Hanse Orga Group to provide the company with funds for further growth and strategic development. In November 2016, SOPLEX Consult GmbH became part of Hanse Orga Group as a result of this new investment strategy. In May 2017 three further companies of the Hanse Orga Group joined: e5 Solutions Group, Dolphin Enterprise Solutions and Tembit.

We are a unique one-stop shop and offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services, from SAP-integrated solutions to innovative multi-ERP software and expert consulting services. We are a competent partner in all phases: from strategy development, implementation and user training to continued support.

In order to deliver best-practice to our customers we build on a strong network of partners, including SAP, SWIFT, FIDES Treasury Service, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Broadridge, BBP and other institutions.

Thanks to the holistic approach, customers get the right solution that is tailor-made to their requirements and helps them automate and optimize their finance and accounting processes.

Finance processes affect everyone – and thus our clients come from all industries. Due to the modular set-up of our solutions they are suited for all companies: from mid-sized companies to major corporations. With over 550 employees in 16 locations globally, Hanse Orga Group supports over 2,000 business customers today with various products and solutionsforming - a global powerhouse for the Financial Automation Value Chain. For more information visit www.hanseorga-group.com.


  • Cash Management
  • Liquidity Planning / Forecasting
  • Bank Communication
  • Payment Factory
  • In-house Banking
  • Netting
  • Reconciliation Management
  • Treasury and Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Electronic Bank Account Management
  • Bank Fee Analysis


  • Head Office Germany, Phone: + 49 40 514808-0
  • EMEA Office, Phone: +31 76 5780500
  • France Office, Phone: +33 1 46420105
  • US Office, Phone: +1 312 6201200

Global E-Mail: office@hanseorga-group.com


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