BELLIN launches treasury video platform


Under the tagline “It’s Treasurytainment.”, the global treasury software and solutions provider BELLIN launches a public online TV platform with a focus on treasury and finance topics.

Today’s treasurers operate at the neuralgic point of their company’s finance department, dynamically supporting all its operations, bearing group-wide responsibility for a vast array of tasks like liquidity planning, risk management or payment processing. In the wake of the market’s ongoing disruptions, treasurers venture into unchartered territory on a daily basis – battling Brexit, fighting fraud, or striving to maintain visibility in times of uncertainty.

BELLIN has set out to provide these treasurers with an entertaining yet instructive break. With the launch of their new online video platform on August 18, the company provides a wide variety of accessible Treasurytainment formats ranging from tutorials on current treasury topics to video stories of best practice cases. A modern, visually engaging interface makes for an intuitive user experience, allowing viewers to browse by titles, formats and seasons.

Being a long-time advocate for the open transfer of global knowledge, BELLIN provides its service platform free of charge and open to the public. Martin Bellin, Founder and CEO of BELLIN, explains the motivation behind this innovative approach, “We can clearly see from the major social media providers just how important videos are going to be for the future of communication. Text is replaced with moving images and entertainment is a more and more important factor for sharing knowledge and information. With, we’re bringing a contemporary and cross-generational form of interaction to the traditionally more conservative world of corporate finance.”


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