Goldman Sachs Asset Management Partners with Kyriba


Goldman Sachs Asset Management announced today that it has entered into a connectivity agreement with Kyriba, a global leader of enterprise liquidity management solutions, to connect the Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal, Mosaic, with Kyriba’s digital Treasury Management System (TMS). The new arrangement will create an end-to-end workflow for investing in money market funds, introducing on-demand connectivity to third-party banking and fintech services.

“Our partnership with Kyriba integrates two market-leading platforms, providing the most efficient user experience and new tools to manage enterprise liquidity,” said Mike Siegel, global head of Liquidity Solutions and Insurance Asset Management within Goldman Sachs Asset Management. “Unifying cash and product data with powerful, automated workflows is the next level of streamlined liquidity management from banks and fintechs.”

Mosaic will be connected through a single-sign on interface within Kyriba, where clients will be able to view their cash positions across all connected bank accounts. Clients can execute their trades through Mosaic with a wide variety of US based or international money market funds. The trade data flows into Kyriba, updating cash, investment and accounting activities in real time.

“Our partnership with Mosaic demonstrates the demand for a refined approach to liquidity management, with the TMS as a digital backbone for corporate financial services,” said Wolfgang Koester, Chief Evangelist at Kyriba. “Effectively managing enterprise liquidity with third-party bank and fintech vendor processes into a digital workflow enables finance leaders with the easiest route to scale and efficiency.”

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