Societe Generale and Lemonway Partner to Support Growth of Large Corporates’ B2B Marketplaces in Europe


Societe Generale and Lemonway, an ACPR licensed pan-European payment institution, have signed a commercial partnership to deliver payment services to large corporates in Western Europe, launching B2B marketplaces. With complementary approaches, these two firms have committed to adequately address the growing needs of corporates in the booming B2B marketplace sector.

Large corporates are accelerating their digital transformation, which has become vital for their clients and ensuring B2B revenue growth. In this context, launching a B2B marketplace improves the payment experience, supports internationalization, creates value, and enhances the commercialisation and distribution processes of the ecommerce chain.

Societe Generale continues to add value and support their clients in their digital transformation by partnering with Lemonway. As an expert in its segment, Lemonway offers modular and end-to-end solutions for their B2B marketplaces. It includes payment and other strategic services such as customer verification and payment account opening, reconciliation of flows for beneficiaries and performance monitoring. This allows B2B marketplace operators to manage the complex transaction flows in compliance with the highest regulatory standards. The technical implementation of the partnership will be effective soon, in eight European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Switzerland).

This innovative partnership relies on Lemonway’s professional expertise to manage third-party payments services, combined with the robustness and security of Societe Generale services in cash management.

As the trusted banking partner that supports the growth of large corporates, Societe Generale complements its ecommerce solutions, notably through active partnerships or investments. Lemonway will reinforce its position with large corporates in Western Europe.

“Societe Generale is proud to announce this commercial partnership with Lemonway, whose expertise and tailored approach perfectly fits our DNA. This partnership enables us to support our clients in their digital transformation, offering ever more complete and innovative payment services, in line with the specific needs of large corporates for their B2B marketplaces. It illustrates Societe Generale’s long-standing cooperative approach with fintech companies to provide innovative solutions for our clients.” – explains Alexandre Maymat, Head of Global Transaction and Payment Services at Societe Generale.

“Lemonway is proud to partner with a world-class bank such as Societe Generale. Its large account service experience combined with our third-party payment expertise precisely meets the expectations of this fast-growing market. Together we offer B2B marketplaces a secure, scalable, and compliant payment experience that enables our customers to accelerate their growth” – says Antoine Orsini, Chief Executive Officer of Lemonway.

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