Published  39:50

Podcast – Tokenisation and CBDCs: Where Now, Where Next?

Continuing on our journey looking into the future of payments, Lee McNabb, Oliver Butcher, and David Silver (NatWest) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill for a candid discussion regarding the application of digital assets in a treasury context.

In this podcast, our guests consider the impact of CBDCs across the financial ecosystem, including the potential for standardisation, and consider whether alternatives enabled through blockchain are still piquing the interest of corporate treasurers across the globe.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Lee McNabb
    Head of Payments Strategy and Research, NatWest
  • Oliver Butcher
    Head of Liquidity Portfolio Investment Management, NatWest
  • David Silver
    Digital Asset Programme Manager, NatWest


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