April 2023 4 Min Read

How Treasury Teams Can Learn from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the impact on stressed tech companies should be a lesson to treasurers about where and how they deposit vital funds. Laurent Descout, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo, offers treasury teams a timely reminder of four simple steps to...


April 2023 3 Min Read

Risk Management is Not the Only Reason to Diversify Cash Accounts

Current banking turmoil suggests now may be a good time for treasurers to reassess their approach to cash deposits. But diversification has many strands. There’s nothing like a bank failure to remind everyone that diversification is a core principle of...


June 2022 4 Min Read

Leading with the ‘S’ in ESG

As ESG performance rises up the corporate agenda, the social dimension (the ‘S’) is rapidly emerging from the environment’s shadow – giving treasurers and CFOs an opportunity to lead by directly contributing to their company’s positive social impact....


May 2021 23:42

Preparing Treasury for the Next Crisis

TMI’s Eleanor Hill welcomes Jared Smith and Craig Ramsay (HSBC) into the TreasuryCast studio to cover the lessons that corporate treasury teams have learned from the current health crisis, and how they can apply this knowledge to effectively crisis-proof their...


December 2018 9 Min Read

Optimising Liquidity When Interest Rates Are Rising: Three Key Steps

A rising rate environment can be a challenge even for the most sophisticated fixed income investor. And even though treasurers know further rate hikes are on the cards, they may happen more swiftly than some...


May 2018 9 Min Read

Transforming Treasury Technology at Bombardier

 Bombardier Transportation Group has a proactive strategy of investing in leading mobility solutions, capturing global growth opportunities and flawless execution. Vital to achieving this strategy is attracting and...


April 2018 9 Min Read

Liquidity Management: is Europe the new Asia?

For many treasurers, Europe has historically been a benign environment for liquidity management. In contrast with regions such as Asia or Latin America, consistent regulation and unrestricted movement of funds has made for comparatively straightforward liquidity...