September 2022 11 Min Read

The Art of Co-creating and Co-ideating

BNP Paribas’ regular Treasury Board meetings with clients and subject matter experts takes collaboration to the next level.


August 2022 8 Min Read

Continental Shift: Digitalising Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is a vibrant, forward-looking continent where innovation and early digital adoption is practically the norm.


August 2022 13 Min Read

Natural Energy

For Valentin Popescu (OMV Petron) the rise through the ranks of one of Romania’s largest corporates has presented plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.


July 2022 10 Min Read

Building a Watertight Case for Treasury Technology Investment

The shelves of the treasury technology supermarket have never been better stocked.


July 2022 20:14

Audio TMI – 5 Treasury Megatrends


July 2022 11 Min Read

Treasury and Procurement – Closer Than Ever?

There are various steps that treasurers could take along their journey towards starting a new relationship with the procurement function.


July 2022 12 Min Read

Wired for Treasury

Kemi Bolarin, Head of Treasury, Europe, GXO Logistics Inc, has a passion for digital transformation.