June 2022 3 Min Read

Securitisation Rule Changes: Treasury Impact Explained

The rules related to the taxation of securitisation vehicles in the UK are changing. What will be the impact on UK-based corporations?


February 2022 24:00

Tax Spotlight: How the OECD’s Two-Pillar Solution Impacts Treasury

Aaron Lee and Joseph Lee (DBS Bank) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to discuss how the OECD's Two-Pillar Solution aims to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy. Ahead of the 2023 implementation date multinational corporates will have...


February 2022 9 Min Read

Taxing Times Ahead: Analysing the OECD’s Two-Pillar Solution

A new Two-Pillar Solution from the OECD aims to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy.


January 2022 10 Min Read

Bats at the Ready! – Navigating Treasury Curve Balls in 2022

Expecting the unexpected is de rigueur these days. So, we asked Peter Cunningham, Managing Director, Head of Corporate and Public Sector Sales, EMEA, Citi, to stand in left field, gaze into his crystal ball, and give us his predictions for the challenges and...


December 2021 9 Min Read

The Financial Impact of the Circular Economy: What Treasurers Need to Know

COP26 has shone a spotlight on the concept of a circular economy. While the shift away from a linear model will have profound – and necessary – impacts on physical supply chains, there will also be inevitable consequences in terms of P&L and the balance...


November 2021 9 Min Read

Treasury and Tax: New Best Friends Forever?

With the recent publication of new guidelines on transfer pricing for financial transactions, two experts examine the impact these will have on multinationals, their treasurers, and tax auditors. For decades the business case for treasury has included the...


June 2021 3 Min Read

Finance Trends to Watch Out for in 2021 and Beyond

During the first few weeks of 2020, few, if any, could have predicted exactly what was ahead of us. Now, even though life is far from normal, we’ve adapted to the impact the global pandemic has had on our lives, economy, and the way we do business. It’s through...


May 2021 6 Min Read

Post-Brexit UK Finance Sector Changes: Should Treasurers Worry?

Concerns that the might of the UK’s financial sector would crumble post-Brexit seem not have been justified – so far. Can treasurers rest easy? Chris Biggs, Partner, Theta Global Advisors, offers his views on what the future holds. Love it or loathe it, Brexit...


March 2021 14 Min Read

Regulatory Round-up with the EACT

The European financial regulatory environment is one of the most homogenised in the world and yet it still forces corporate treasurers to stay constantly alert for local nuances, revisions and wholesale changes. With the current European Parliament’s term running...


March 2021 4 Min Read

Bitcoin vs Tax and Accounting

With high-profile firms such as MicroStrategy, Tesla and Twitter all announcing major investments in Bitcoin in recent months, it looks like digital assets have come of age. But investing in them as part of a diversified treasury cash strategy has implications for...


July 2020 7 Min Read

Asia’s Top Treasury Hotspots

Businesses seeking the best location for a treasury hub have to weigh up many factors ranging from tax incentives to political risk. Here, David Blair offers an insight into the pros and cons of five Asian financial centres. Asia has evolved rapidly this century,...