November 2022

What’s on the Horizon for Short-term Investments?

The treasury community has risen to the ongoing challenge of rising interest rates and inflation, with corporate cash serving as the sought-after safety net. Here, Daniel Farrell (Northern Trust Asset Management) and Karl Adams (ICD) consider how the latest MMF...


November 2022 11 Min Read

Optimising Working Capital to Fight High Inflation and Rates

C2FO’s 2022 Working Capital Survey takes stock of the impact that high inflation and rising interest rates are having on business financing for companies worldwide.


October 2022 21:31

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Vanessa Manning, MUFG

We keep hearing about working capital being back in the spotlight – but it’s always been a focus for treasury. What’s different now, though?  In this podcast, recorded at Sibos in Amsterdam, Eleanor Hill (TMI) asks Vanessa Manning (MUFG) if treasurers...


October 2022 08:03

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Carl Wegner, Contour

Why is digitisation the way forward in trade finance?  Carl Wegner (Contour) joins Tom Alford in TMI's podcast studio at Sibos 2022 to answer this question and more! Carl provides advice on how the trade space can begin effectively leveraging the power of...


October 2022 9 Min Read

Technology’s Co-Starring Role in Supply Chain Transformation

In the final article of this three-part series taking a working capital perspective on some of the foremost issues of the day, experts from SAP-owned fintech, Taulia – Blake Evans, Head of Sales for Americas, Alexander Mutter, Managing Director EMEA, and Steve...


September 2022 7 Min Read

Outlook: Treasurers Face Myriad Changes

2022 has rocked the short-term investment world with soaring inflation, interest rate hikes, and pending MMF regulatory reforms.


September 2022 22:58

HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight – Holistic ESG Transition in Value Chains

The second edition of HSBC’s popular Sibos Spotlight series sees Surath Sengupta (HBSC) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to explain why the appetite for sustainable supply chain solutions has accelerated. In this ESG deep dive, our guest considers the supply chain...


September 2022 20:48

Making Hedging with Uncollateralised OTC Derivatives Cheaper

We don’t have a silver bullet, but we certainly have a concept worth talking about” says Eurex’s Clive D’Souza, speaking about why getting ahead of changes in the marketplace for hedging of financial risks is essential for treasurers to avoid the costs of...


September 2022 22:09

Working Your Capital Harder: Key Findings from the Working Capital Index

As a corporate treasurer, monitoring changes in operating liquidity is essential to securing the financial health of the business. In this podcast, Gourang Shah (J.P. Morgan) discusses the findings of J.P. Morgan’s recent Working Capital Index with TMI’s...


August 2022 00:00

A Balancing Act: Efficiently Managing and Deploying Cash

During an era of historically high cash balances, how can corporates best manage the capital structure challenges they are facing today? Eleanor Hill (TMI) is joined by Standard Chartered’s Shoaib Yaqub to discuss the pressures associated with mobilising cash in...


July 2022 10 Min Read

Purchasing Power 

Adding Value with a Treasury/Procurement Partnership When a business’s treasury and procurement teams collaborate, it can transform how that business builds and sustains relationships with suppliers. Andrew Burns, Senior Vice President EMEA, C2FO,...


July 2022 20:14

Audio TMI – 5 Treasury Megatrends

How can treasurers assess the latest industry innovations and sort genuin...