February 2024 14 Min Read

Treasury Outlook

Pressure on cash management and working capital looks set to be more intense than ever in 2024, forcing treasurers to be resourceful and innovative to protect capital and help navigate their companies through the year ahead.


January 2024 6 Min Read

Treasury’s Role in Creating a Digital Marketplace

This whitepaper outlines the steps corporate treasurers should take to create and support digital marketplaces.


December 2023 8 Min Read

The Working Capital Work-Out

Elizebeth John and Ritesh Jain (Citi) explain how businesses can build a leaner, healthier relationship with their cash by leveraging innovative solutions.


December 2023

ETDA – What Next? Transitioning to Electronic Trade Documents

Join us for this insightful trade finance discussion and hear our expert panel outline the key considerations for treasurers when it comes to digital trade

November 2023

Surecomp Further Expands Electronic Trade Document Connection with CargoX Partnership

The collaboration further expands Surecomp’s fintech ecosystem


November 2023 13 Min Read

All Change?

New technologies and innovations promise more efficient and cost-effective trade finance for corporates and their suppliers.


November 2023 5 Min Read

Citi GPS Survey – Treasury Leadership: Does It Matter?

A recently published study by Citi seeks to explain what differentiates top performing treasuries from the rest. A follow-on discussion with Dr Duncan Cole, Digital & Partnerships, Client Advisory, and Ron Chakravarti, Global Head, Client Advisory, both of...


October 2023 00:00

Tackling Core Treasury Priorities

Baris Kalay (Bank of America) tackles a host of new pressures corporate treasurers are facing in 2023.


October 2023

Risky Business: Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality

This webinar replay offers insight into how corporate treasurers are positioning around credit risk and the factors that could have a material impact on credit quality over the coming months.


October 2023

Liquidity Management in Uncertain Times

Discover fresh ways to effectively manage liquidity amidst oncoming macro headwinds.


October 2023

Enhancing Treasury Operations: A Compelling Business Case for Cards

In this webinar playback, experts examine the true potential of cards, including integrated solutions, to bring visibility, control and working capital benefits to treasury.


October 2023 18:29

There is Another Way: Alternative Capital Sources for Treasury

Amol Dhargalkar (Chatham Financial) covers the role of alternative capital sources, and its benefits over traditional means.