My Life in Treasury
Published  9 MIN READ

Adding Value with Veterans

From enlisting in the Australian Army straight out of high school, to now being Vice President in the Wholesale Payments group at J.P. Morgan, via offshore oil and gas drilling, Andrew Smith’s career trajectory has given him diverse and valuable insights to deploy in banking. Here, he speaks to Eleanor Hill about his career and highlights the potential that he believes veterans can offer financial services functions.

Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI (EH): Andrew, give me a potted history of your career to this point.

Andrew Smith (AS): I grew up in Australia and when I finished high school enlisted into the army initially as a rifleman in the infantry. In the military, you do language aptitude testing and I scored highly on that so I was reallocated to signals intelligence. I went to the Australian Signals Directorate, Australia’s equivalent of the NSA [National Security Agency] in the US or GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters] in the UK. I spent a few years there as an analyst.

EH: That sounds exciting!