Cash & Liquidity Management
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Connectivity Means Continuity

Calastone Connect Forum 2020

Calastone’s Connect Forum 2020 brought together a quartet of treasury professionals to discuss the role of technology in enabling more efficient cash management while managing risk.

With all embroiled in the turmoil of 2020, the need for real-time usable data to help treasuries better manage cash and liquidity requirements has become paramount. The Calastone Connect Forum 2020 panel of Jim Scurlock, Director, Global Cash Management for Microsoft, Luc Vlaminck, Group Treasurer and MD at Rémy Cointreau, Jonathan Spirgel, Managing Director at Hazeltree, and Ed Lopez, Chief Revenue Officer at Calastone, kicked off with a look at the concept of data-driven treasury, which has taken off this year.

For Lopez, pandemic lockdowns halted easy office interactions with systems and colleagues. The manual processes and quick chats that worked in the flesh, suddenly proved a challenge when many were forced to work remotely. This has been a catalyst for systemic change. “We saw a lot of accelerated initiatives this past year,” he noted.

Although a lot of these were about automating  “simple things that would normally be rekeyed into a TMS”, he reported a “massive uptick” in Calastone’s TMS connectivity services. The settlement service it launched in 2020, for example, is a response to locked-down clients struggling to see manage their fund trades and settlement positions. The system brings real-time visibility throughout the fund lifecycle.