Regulation & Standards
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Do No Significant Harm

Navigating Sustainability Standards and Regs

Sustainability in treasury can be tackled in a number of ways – and standards are slowly emerging to steer participants in the right direction. Do these help or just create more work, and is the pace of development too slow? TMI explores the current state of play in the field of sustainability standards and regulations.   

Given its global significance, it’s not surprising that sustainability is reflected in many organisations’ core values. And yet, perhaps because it covers so much ground, there is no hard and fast definition of what it is. Resultantly, standards have been slow in coming.

While effort is being made by many organisations to find and demonstrate their own meaning within their core values, the apparent lack of uniformity is making wider acceptability more challenging, says Jean-Pierre Gomez, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs, Societe Generale Securities Services. This has led to accusations of greenwashing – disingenuous marketing tactics – undermining credibility.

Jean-Pierre Gomez
Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs, Societe Generale Securities Services