Treasury Technology
Published  13 MIN READ

Making Connections in High Places

AAZZUR provides a wide selection of third-party fintech applications for embedded finance via a single ready-to-connect platform. Philipp Buschmann, Co-Founder and CEO, AAZZUR, talks to TMI about the genesis and evolution of this intriguing approach to service delivery. 

There must be thousands of fintech providers around the world, all vying for the attention of financial professionals in banks and corporates. Each has a specialised proposition, and no doubt many are extremely good at what they do.

But for the end user, such as the corporate treasurer, navigating their way through the good, the bad and ugly, is a daunting prospect. Not least of their concerns is that even if a best-of-breed solution has been detected and selected, there is still a matter of connecting it to all the others in the company’s technology stack. And as anyone who has tried this will attest, not all applications will readily talk to each other.

It could be argued that selection of a fintech product is a one-off, so the pain is short-lived. But in the embedded finance space, business models are necessarily changing to meet new demands – from the commercial to the regulatory – so the need to adopt new tools is gathering pace. Self-build is a commitment too far for many, but if taking the fintech pathway is fraught with challenges, how does a business balance the need to progress against the pain of implementing and managing multiple applications?