Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  9 MIN READ

The Unicorn Treasurer

Creating a centralised treasury model from scratch isn’t easy. But risk specialist Dominic Lynch, Head of Treasury at Austrian EdTech, GoStudent, since 2022 has done it at this firm and his prior company, Bitpanda, an online broker. He likes growing potential unicorn firms and being “in the middle of everything” as a corporate treasurer sitting at the nexus of finance, planning and operations – all of which will be disrupted by crypto, AI and APIs.

Like many in the industry, Lynch entered the profession “by accident” – albeit a happy one. “I started my career in derivative valuations, risk and hedge accounting consultancy for the Reval Center in Vienna, latterly owned by Ion Group. This then created an opportunity in New York as a financial analyst.”

From there, Lynch’s derivative and hedging experience led him to see the wider portfolio and risk aspects of corporate treasury and banking, not just the cash management element. In fact, he was only really exposed to the bread and butter of treasury’s role when he was approached by Bitpanda to return to Austria at the turn of this decade.

Lynch, who has a “passion for risk”, explains that the Bitpanda investment platform was focused on cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and commission-free stocks in the neo broker field.