13:5717 July 2024

Achieving Full Automation of FX Cash Settlement

Jörg Bermüller discusses how the treasury team at Merck Group fully automated its FX cash settlement.

  • Jörg Bermüller
    Vice President, Head of Cash and Risk Management, Group Treasury, Merck Group

23:3912 June 2024

How Infosys and BNP Paribas Created a Strategic Receivables Purchasing Programme

Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Deepak Bhalla (Infosys), David Tilley and Rajeev Rathi (BNP Paribas) to share the lowdown on an impressive receivables purchase facility established by Infosys.

  • Rajeev Rathi
    Managing Director, Corporate Coverage, India, BNP Paribas

  • Deepak Bhalla
    EVP Finance, Infosys

  • David Tilley
    Chief Commercial Officer, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance

16:506 June 2024

Embracing Diversification with MMFs

Sandrine Rougeron, Patrick Siméon, and Patrick Carletto (Amundi) consider the headline trends in the MMF space.

  • Sandrine Rougeron
    Global Head of Corporate and Corporate Pension Fund Clients, Amundi Asset Management

  • Patrick Siméon
    Head of Money Market, Amundi Asset Management

  • Patrick Carletto
    Co-Head of Money Market, Amundi Asset Management