October 2022 4 Min Read

Hedging Strategies for a Perfect Storm

Turbulent times call for strong financial risk mitigation. Amol Dhargalkar, Managing Partner and Chairman, Chatham Financial, tells TMI that hedging strategies should now become the centre of attention. Against a backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates,...


July 2022 9 Min Read

What Goes Up… May Stay Up

Blake Evans, Alexander Mutter, and Steve Scott (Taulia) consider the effects of – and the responses to – inflationary pressure on supply chains and working capital flows.


May 2022 3 Min Read

Rising Commodity Prices Damaging SME Credit Lines

The rising cost of commodities is having a significant impact on the availability of credit and will force corporate treasurers to work more collaboratively with their banks to secure financing, writes Christoph Gugelmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Tradeteq. The war in...


March 2022 4 Min Read

5 Strategic Moves Treasurers Should Make in 2022

As 2022 shapes up to be a volatile year, evidenced by equity prices and surging interest rates, inflation and changing labour market dynamics have introduced unforeseen challenges. Amol Dhargalkar, Global Head of Corporates, Chatham Financial, outlines five strategic...


December 2021 8 Min Read

A Piece of Cake: Unwrapping the Financial Risk of Food Products

As the economy grapples with higher prices for almost everything, one can look at this year’s super cycle across all commodities as a significant factor to sticker shock in the food aisles. According to the US Labor Department, in October consumer prices in North...