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Treasury Technology
Making Machine Learning Work for Treasury

Machine learning is often seen as the panacea for all modern business challenges. However, while it can be a very useful ally, it…

Cash & Liquidity Management
Crypto: Can it Ever Be Right for Treasury?

In an era where arguably even normally dependable gilts have shifted from being ‘risk-free returns’ to ‘return-free…

Treasury KPIs for ESG and D&I: Time to Get Serious

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are now a boardroom priority – and an increasingly important part of the…

Editor’s Pick

Treasury Technology
Making Machine Learning Work for Treasury

Machine learning is often seen as the panacea for all modern business challenges. However, while it can be a very useful ally, it…

16 Min Read | August 2021

Powering businesses for a transformative and sustainable future

We can ensure consistency of your financial flows, sustainably finance your supply chain, and help you prepare for new opportunities.

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Digitalising collections, your way

Straight2Bank Pay is a one-stop global platform and your go-to solution to provide customers with different digital payment options, online and offline.

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Where are the gaps in your supply chain?

Supply chains are only as strong as the weakest link. How sustainable and resilient is yours?

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Sustainability is important to you and to us. It’s why we’re bringing you sustainability-linked financing solutions

Find out how our best-in-class, dedicated Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) teams can help you become more sustainability-driven with solutions tailored to you.

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Our latest podcast series exploring the world of treasury. All available to stream for free.

A New Treasury Ecosystem: Leveraging the Evolution of Transaction Banking

Treasury is not an island; it is influenced and supported by the ecosystem that surrounds it. Transaction banks play a pivotal role within this network – and they are continually innovating to enable treasurers to innovate in turn.

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The Rising Velocity of Cash and Data: Establishing a Real-time Treasury

As real-time payments and collections gain traction, the velocity of cash is accelerating. In turn, treasurers must move away from outdated systems and batch processing, while exploring the possibilities of real-time investing.

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Preparing for the Next Crisis: 10 Steps for Treasurers

No-one can predict where the next crisis will come from, or what form it will take. Three HSBC experts share their insights around making treasury ‘crisis-ready’ – from mining data and embracing real-time payments to upskilling team members and more.

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The Resilient Treasurer: Building a Digital Armoury for 2021

Treasurers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change their working practices for the better. Treasury 4.0 technologies, such as data analytics and application programming interfaces, will be key.

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Innovation Lab

Discovering the Fintech and Digital Banking stars of tomorrow. TMI’s Innovation Lab provides commentary on digital trends and future challenges – outlining the real-world impact on the treasury community.

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IBAN Discrimination Impact on Payments Market: Consumers and Businesses Dealing with Increased Transactional Friction

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), launched in 2008, was introduced to harmonise…

Serrala and BNP Paribas Enter Global Referral Partnership

Serrala and BNP Paribas are joining forces to bring a strong value-added AR offering to BNP Paribas enterprise customers around the globe. The bank will offer state-of-the-art technology from Serrala to their customers…

Millennium Global Releases Q1 2022 Global Currency & Macroeconomic Guide

Millennium Global has released its Q1 2022 Global Currency & Macroeconomic Guide. Click here to view a full PDF of the research Key trends which specifically affect…

Coupa to Offer HSBC Virtual Cards to European Businesses

Coupa Software have announced a strategic collaboration with HSBC under its Coupa Pay offering. Commencing with virtual cards, the collaboration will provide European companies with access to a fast, seamless, and…