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ACTSA Anniversary Edition

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce the commemorative publication that marks a significant milestone in our Association’s history.

So what do the next 20 years hold? The profile of treasury and individual treasury professionals is dependent on demonstrating value and the benefits they bring to the organisation. The treasury function is increasingly becoming involved with many other areas of the business, adding value for example to the operating units and driving improvements which will ultimately have a direct effect on the company’s capital structure. Treasury is in effect becoming a business partner to its own organisation, assisting companies with the increasing complexity of both the financial and regulatory systems of the world in which they operate. ACTSA has come of age – and as this publication amply demonstrates, has provided South African corporates with help and advice in many areas. I have no doubt that it will continue to fulfil this valuable role in the decades to come, as it has done so successfully for the last 20 years.“

Charles Buchanan, Chairman, ACTSA