Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  12 MIN READ

Another Side of the Same Coin

The Art of Bank Treasury Revealed

In the first of a new TMI miniseries ‘Treasury Angles’ looking at treasury in non-corporate settings, we speak with professionals from the banking and FI space and discover some important differences alongside the many similarities.

Being a treasurer is a specialist role, but it may come as a surprise to outsiders to learn that within that specialism are specialists. It sounds almost implausibly niche but as a key component within a service provider required by every other industry on the planet, the banking and financial services treasurer is much in demand.    

“In essence, the bank treasury and corporate treasury worlds are part of the same coin,” comments Alexandros Koliavrás, Director, Head of Treasury Finance & Finance Transformation, ING Americas, former Group Treasury Controller, Philips International, and Founder and President of the Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT).

“In both functions, the aim is to establish a proper cash and liquidity forecasting mechanism that is of paramount importance for the short-term operational quality of the organisation. What’s more, the treasurer in both settings is there to ensure financial robustness via optimal capital structures that answer to the longer-term structural needs of the organisation.”