Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Growth Opportunities Across the Globe

While treasury in Europe is likely to be dominated by SEPA for much of 2013, what trends are you seeing in other regions, such as Asia?

Our clients are primarily focused on capturing growth opportunities, and the most apparent ones are in the emerging markets, in which trading volume is expected to make up 40% of global trade flows in 2030. This is a huge leap from today’s 18%. Both China and Africa, for example, are compelling regions. While many multinationals have been present in a number of Asian and African countries for many years, their involvement has been relatively limited in many cases. Today, however, these regions are pivotal to many corporate growth strategies. While growth in Africa is starting from a smaller base, its growth trajectory far exceeds that of many other markets.

What are treasurers looking for to facilitate this expansion?

Growth strategies often extend into less familiar, and highly diverse territories, but we are finding some consistent objectives amongst treasurers:

i) Extend existing capabilities and liquidity structures into new markets to optimise visibility and control over cash.