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Orbian’s Approach to Supply-Chain Finance

by Andrew Notman, Group Treasurer, Orbian

Orbian is the world’s leading provider of supply chain processing and finance solutions. It was launched in 1999 as a co-venture between Citibank and the German technology giant, SAP.

Orbian is now a privately held company with headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut USA, and its European office, which includes the systems development, the operations centre and the entire Group Treasury operation, situated in the City of London.

Orbian offers a multi-currency financing service and capability to its current and prospective clients.

The first customers of Orbian were initially corporate customers of banks, but the demand for supply-chain finance (SCF) solutions has grown and Orbian is now successfully developing an international network of corporate clients, offering an innovative financing solution that provides attractive benefits to both ‘buyers’ and ‘suppliers’ who are mutually engaged in trade transactions.