Cash & Liquidity Management
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Relationships, Risk and Regional Banking

What would you identify as SEB’s core market?

Over the past 150 years, SEB has developed a strategy, culture and product set to serve the needs of both large and mid-sized corporations, and institutional clients. We support these organisations in our home markets, which extend across the Nordics, Baltics and Germany, and also facilitate their international expansion throughout Europe and globally. To enable this, we have adopted a highly collaborative approach, both with client organisations and with partner banks, allowing us to provide outbound services to our clients across 80 markets worldwide.

This co-operative approach has also made SEB highly successful in supporting inbound financial institution and corporate clients’ business. This includes multinational corporations seeking to do business in the Nordic and Baltic regions, who need a strong banking partner which can actively support their business strategy and demonstrate a detailed knowledge of each market. For these customers, we often find that they work with SEB to provide one product initially, such as subcustody, and then expand into other areas as they become more familiar with the bank, our services and approach.

How does SEB differentiate its services in cash management?

SEB has played an intrinsic and vital role within the Nordic industrial context for well over a century, supporting today’s multinational companies from a very early stage in their lifecycle through to the present day. The Nordic region has been a marvellous birthplace for SEB. Unlike other regions where banks built their success through client volume, SEB needed to be smarter and more entrepreneurial, and work more closely with our clients across the value chain rather than simply focusing on delivering individual products. This approach has created a strong, unique culture within the bank which differs fundamentally from other organisations.