Treasury Technology
Published  7 MIN READ

Running a Virtual Treasury: Get Yourself Connected

Remote working has quickly become the norm for many treasurers across the globe. But are treasury departments operating optimally in a virtual world? BELLIN’s Michael Juen, Chief Customer Officer, and Michael Bach, Head of Consulting & Implementation, explain how to establish a systems set-up that is efficient and secure, while maximising treasury connectivity and productivity.

No more commuting. No more squeezing into a suit. No more fighting over hot-desking space. It’s fair to say that there are many benefits to remote working. But a common challenge of working from home is suboptimal systems’ access – ranging from a slow internet connection to legacy systems not configured for the cloud, and security vulnerabilities.

Treasurers have not been immune to these difficulties. During the first few weeks of the pandemic, treasury departments had to rapidly adjust from physical to virtual operations. For many, this immediately exposed flaws in systems set-ups. As a result, temporary workarounds were brought in – simply to enable business to continue at some level of ‘normality’.

Now that the initial firefighting has subsided for many organisations, treasury departments are starting to refine their virtual ecosystems. Treasury leaders are putting their tech under the spotlight and asking what best practice looks like in a remote working world.