Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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The Keys to Successful Solution Implementation

Collaboration and Innovation

They might not operate in the limelight, but implementation teams lead the line within banks when it comes to the highly involved and often sensitive task of designing and delivering innovative solutions for clients. In this article, two experts from BNP Paribas discuss the bank’s implementation philosophy, and explain what makes or breaks the business of delivering ground-breaking, efficient, and resilient solutions for clients.

Implementation teams are among the unsung heroes within banks, toiling away at the sharp end of the interface between bank and customer, designing and implementing solutions for clients. In doing so they represent one of the most important points of contact between banks and corporate treasury teams, playing a critical role not only in addressing the immediate needs of treasurers but also listening and responding to their wider operational concerns.

Paris-based Bertrand Buyse, Head of Solutions Design and Implementation, BNP Paribas, is clear about the importance the bank attaches to the relationship between its implementation experts and clients. “When it comes to solution delivery and implementation, the goal for us has always been the same: to accompany our customers on the entire journey – working with them in the delivery of solutions from design and scoping phases to building and rolling out the solution.

“A differentiator between BNP Paribas and other banks where implementation is housed more within sales is that we have a dedicated, large, well-resourced and long- established implementation organisation. This helps us focus on delivering truly innovative solutions, not just off-the- shelf products.”