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Treasury Centralisation

The Case for On-Behalf-Of Structures

The trend towards treasury centralisation is once again picking up pace among corporates as they look to optimise visibility, efficiency, and control in a fast changing, increasingly challenging global business environment. In a recent conversation with TMI, Dick Oskam, Global Head Transaction Services Sales, ING, considered some of the key drivers for centralisation and the solutions available to treasurers with a special focus on on-behalf-of structures.

Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI (EH): Looking at the latest trends in cash and liquidity management, we see many clients continuing their centralisation journey. Are there any specific topics relating to this that stand out for you or perhaps are being raised by ING clients?

Dick Oskam, Global Head Transaction Services Sales, ING (DO): Broadly speaking, the key areas of concern to our clients for cash and liquidity management are:

  • Real-time cash management
  • APIs
  • ISO 20022 migration
  • Operational simplification
  • Improving cash efficiency

More specifically, we have seen a shift in treasurers’ priorities when it comes to liquidity management. Covid-19, the ongoing geopolitical tension following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and supply chain disruptions of recent years have all been major factors in this rethink.