Cash & Liquidity Management
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Unlocking Cash at FCI

by Donald Callahan, Director Cash Management and Treasury, FCI, USA, Inc.

FCI’s credit and collections department consists of 44 employees worldwide, within a regional structure, so each subsidiary in Europe, North America and Asia takes individual responsibility for its own receivables activities. The firm utilises MFGPRO, a global manufacturing ERP system distributed by Epicor, throughout the enterprise.

FCI was experiencing large volumes of past due payments in some of its business units, which resulted in a high working capital requirement, and recognised that DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) metrics could be improved. These issues were largely due to a lack of streamlined processes surrounding the order-to-cash cycle.

Organisational challenges

Due to the organisation’s decentralised approach to credit and collections processing, it was not always easy for senior management to gain visibility over customer engagements and employees’ daily activities and priorities.