July 2024 7 Min Read

C’est Magnifique!

URSSAF Caisse Nationale has implemented a new TMS to remove complexities from its cash management and drive greater efficiencies in its payment processes.


June 2024 13:58

Treasury Takes the Front Seat at Bolt

Mahmoud Iskandarani highlights the critical role of the treasury department in Bolt’s automation journey.


June 2024 19:10

Tackling FX Hedging at Lerøy Seafood

TMI caught up with Hans Ljøen to find out more about Lerøy Seafood’s FX hedging project.


May 2024 4 Min Read

FX Risk Elimination, Cost Savings, Centralisation 

Kantox emphasises the importance of automation for FX hedging.


April 2024 10 Min Read

Programmed for Success

Siemens has been working towards programmable payments adoption over the past few years.


March 2024 13 Min Read

AI in Treasury

AI in all its forms is already disrupting corporate treasury procedures, training, and the strategic aims of the function.


January 2024 12 Min Read

AI: Reshaping the Treasurer’s Role

For treasurers looking at taking advantage of AI in their daily tasks, there is much preparation work to do.


October 2023 21:43

Bringing it Home: Wallstreet Suite as Treasury’s Knowledge Centre

Loic Leonard (ION Treasury) joins Eleanor Hill (TMI) to share his thoughts on payment hubs and currency exposure management automation.


August 2023 4 Min Read

Automation is Essential to Manage the New Emphasis on Liquidity

Bottomline’s recent 2023 Business Payments Barometer shows a rising trend towards automation. But what does this mean for cash flow management? And how can treasurers make the most of this trend? To say that finance leaders – treasurers and CFOs – at banks...


August 2023 9 Min Read

Bringing Treasury into the New Era of Payments and Collections

For treasurers, finding ways to offer a great UX, the simplicity and safety of payments, and payment instruments that meet customer needs, is essential.


July 2023 00:00

Audio TMI – Transforming Treasury at C. H. Robinson

C. H. Robinson adopts a strategy focused on automation and process efficiencies across key European treasury activities.


May 2023 10 Min Read

Dream Big!

The treasury team at C. H. Robinson set out to reinvent its cash and liquidity management structure within Europe. To do so, they enlisted BNP Paribas for a strategy focused on automation and process efficiencies across key European treasury activities.