July 2024 7 Min Read

C’est Magnifique!

URSSAF Caisse Nationale has implemented a new TMS to remove complexities from its cash management and drive greater efficiencies in its payment processes.


June 2024 6 Min Read

How Connected Cash Can Help Stop Grey Rhinos in Their Tracks

If cash is the lifeblood of a business, then treasury sits at its heart – and the treasurer is the one with their finger on the pulse. But today’s treasury leaders have myriad challenges to contend with and must upskill their teams and upgrade their technology in...


June 2024 5 Min Read

Perfecting the Art of tailor-made Client Service in Company-Bank Relationships

The client servicing offered by banks to their corporate clients plays a pivotal role in the success of both parties.


May 2024 4 Min Read

FX Risk Elimination, Cost Savings, Centralisation 

Kantox emphasises the importance of automation for FX hedging.


February 2024 51:39

Making Treasury & Procurement Heroes through Digitisation of Trade

Discover actionable insights as a panel of industry experts delve into critical trade finance topics. 


November 2023 9 Min Read

Treasury Centralisation

Dick Oskam (ING) considers the key drivers for centralisation and the solutions available to treasurers with a special focus on on-behalf-of structures.


September 2023 4 Min Read

Architecting for the Future: New Wallstreet Suite Explained

ION Treasury recently announced the launch of its new Wallstreet Suite solution. TMI talks to Michael Kolman, Chief Product Officer, ION Treasury, about the thinking behind the complete overhaul of this classic TMS. Wallstreet Suite has long been a TMS favoured by...


May 2023 10 Min Read

The Holistic Treasurer

Jonas Falk (SKF) reflects on the many hurdles he and his team faced in centralising the group’s treasury operations during the pandemic.


January 2023 9 Min Read

Optimising Working Capital for the Whole Business

Barclays experts explore the impact of unsettled times on working capital management and reveal the role technology has in optimising business outcomes.


January 2023 7 Min Read

Uniting the House

A rapidly growing portfolio of overseas entities meant consolidation of RTB House’s fragmented bank account structure was essential.


December 2022 9 Min Read

Roche’s Breakthrough for Cash Pooling in Saudi Arabia

Roche’s group treasury worked with BNP Paribas and the local regulator to successfully implement a first-of-its-kind cash pooling solution in the country.


December 2022 12:28

Audio TMI – Roadmap Towards a First-Class Group Treasury

As the perennial debate continues around the pros and cons of a centralised treasury, Saliha Ferroud plots a route to a...