November 2022 1 Min Read

People in Focus

Brook Johnson Head of EMEA Client Service & Implementation, J.P. Morgan Johnson has been appointed Head of EMEA Client Service and Implementation (CS&I), joining the firm’s EMEA payments management team. He has 24 years’ financial services...


October 2022 12:05

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Chris Jameson (Bank of America) and Tim Renew (Banked)

Chris Jameson (Bank of America) and Tim Renew (Banked) speak with TMI's Eleanor Hill about the expansion of Bank of America's Pay by Bank solution to Euro currency payments. Our guests provide the low down on the solutions capabilities, and explains what clients...


October 2022 06:26

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Jussi Lindberg, Banking Circle

Jussi Lindberg (Banking Circle) joins Tom Alford (TMI) in the TreasuryCast hotseat from Subos to cover key developments in the FX and cross-border payments space. In this podcast, our guest considers to what extent these factors are a challenge in relation to...


October 2022 00:00

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Joanne Fraser, Standard Chartered

In our latest podcast from Sibos 2022, Joanne Fraser (Standard Chartered) talks to Tom Alford (TMI) about how treasurers can prepare for the future of payments. By providing practical steps, our guest explains how treasurers should align their practices to launch...


October 2022 08:28

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Maarten van Rossum, Barclays

TMI's Tom Alford is joined by Maarten van Rossum (Barclays) to identify the developments that are essential to the future of payments Our guest considers how far the current crop of payments solutions are delivering what corporate users really need, and...


September 2022 3 Min Read

Are Cross-border Payments Still Slowing Down Business?

If someone had asked this question in 2002, most of us would have felt certain that cross-border payments would be sorted out by 2022. While customer offerings for both cross-border transactions and FX have improved significantly in the past 20 years, thanks to a...


September 2022 10 Min Read

The Need for Speed

How Treasurers are Making the Most of Instant Payments  Instant payments is a topic that receives plenty of coverage, often under the assumption that everyone wants and needs it. Is this really the case for treasurers, and if so how and where does it fit? TMI...


July 2022 29:43

Retail Therapy: The Future of Shopping and Payments

Manish Jain (J.P. Morgan Payments) joins Eleanor Hill (TMI) to discuss how changing consumer habits in the retail space could impact treasurers, from payments innovation to digital developments such as Request to Pay. In this deep-dive into the future of shopping,...


July 2022 11 Min Read

No Looking Back: Digital Payments and Real-time Transactions for All

Real-time technologies are not intended as stand-alone tools, they require an ecosystem of complementary processes and systems to really reap their benefits. TMI seeks best practice guidance from Bank of America experts, Aziz Parvez, Head of Corporate Treasury Sales,...


July 2022 10 Min Read

Checking Out the Future of Shopping

Treasurers can lay the groundwork for the future of shopping – by building agile and modern payments infrastructure – and help their business to gain a competitive edge.


March 2022 7 Min Read

Out of this World Treasury Innovation

J.P. Morgan co-creates with clients to push the boundaries of digital treasury, scooping five Awards.


March 2022 9 Min Read

The Treasury Forecast is Bright and Breezy

Bank of America’s intelligent innovations give treasurers a clear view ahead.