December 2022 9 Min Read

From Blockbuster to Netflix and Beyond: CBDCs Reshaping the Future of Payments

Are CBDCs any closer to making a starring role in the story of corporate treasury? A TMI TreasuryCast, supporting HSBC’s 2022 Sibos Spotlight series, sought to separate the facts from the fiction. Technical expertise was supplied by Søren Mortensen, Director,...


December 2022 12:58

Embedded Finance: A 101 Guide for Treasurers

Our latest TreasuryCast guest, Aman Narain (HSBC) sits down with TMI's Eleanor Hill to consider the ways in which treasury might be impacted by embedded finance. In this podcast, Aman explains the differences between embedded finance and BaaS, shares his hopes for...


December 2022

Audio TMI – A Modern, Agile, and Efficient Machine

UniCredit's Raphael Barisaac and Massimo Ortino explain how the firm’s new strategy in transactions and p...


November 2022 38:40

HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight – View from Sibos

TMI's Eleanor Hill invites Neil Atkinson, Nadine Lagarmitte, and Vinay Mendonca (HSBC) to discuss the critical treasury topics and conversations highlighted at this year's Sibos conference in Amsterdam. Amongst a wealth of market insights, our guests consider the...

October 2022

EACT in Action – Online Payment Fraud: How Confirmation of Payee can help corporate treasurers

Hosted by the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Tuesday 8 November 2pm GMT / 3pm CET Join us for the latest EACT in Action webinar, providing an in-depth examination of Confirmation of Payee (CoP) and the practical ways in which it can help...


October 2022 08:56

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Martijn Stoker, J.P. Morgan Payments

How are corporate treasurers’ liquidity needs changing given today's high interest rates and inflationary pressures? Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Martijn Stoker (J.P. Morgan Payments) to take a fresh look at liquidity strategies in the current challenging...


October 2022 11:27

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Christof Hofmann, Deutsche Bank

Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Christof Hofmann to take a deep dive into the latest developments surrounding payments. In this informative discussion, our guest provides guidance on the most interesting payments developments for treasurers to be aware of, and considers...


October 2022 14:53

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Bruno Mellado, BNP Paribas

Next up joining Eleanor Hill (TMI) in the TreasuryCast hotseat is Bruno Mellado (BNP Paribas) to discuss all things SWIFT. Our guest considers what SWIFT is doing to enhance payment controls and reduce fraud, SWIFT Go's function within the payments landscape, and...


October 2022 12:05

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Chris Cox, Citi

Chris Cox (Citi) joins TMI's Eleanor Hill to examine the latest developments in the trade finance space. Our guest considers the areas wherein domestic and cross-border trade processes could be improved and how digitisation could assist in this journey, and reveals...


October 2022 12:05

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Chris Jameson (Bank of America) and Tim Renew (Banked)

Chris Jameson (Bank of America) and Tim Renew (Banked) speak with TMI's Eleanor Hill about the expansion of Bank of America's Pay by Bank solution to Euro currency payments. Our guests provide the low down on the solutions capabilities, and explains what clients...


October 2022 06:26

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Jussi Lindberg, Banking Circle

Jussi Lindberg (Banking Circle) joins Tom Alford (TMI) in the TreasuryCast hotseat from Subos to cover key developments in the FX and cross-border payments space. In this podcast, our guest considers to what extent these factors are a challenge in relation to...


October 2022 11:03

TMI’s View from Sibos – with Richard Southey, ABSA

At this years Sibos conference, Richard Southey (ABSA) sat down with TMI's Eleanor Hill to discuss the current status of corporate payments and digitalisation across Africa. Our guest provides a deep dive into the solutions and factors pushing Africa's digital...