July 2024 5 Min Read

Shifting From Aid to Trade is the Key to Africa’s Sustainable Future

Jolene Abshire, Sector Head for Development Organisations, Absa Group, discusses the shifting dynamics of donor funding for Africa in recent years, explaining how moving from traditional aid to trade-centric models can help the continent to support its own...


July 2024 15 Min Read

Uncertainty Principle

This year’s ACT Annual Conference opted to boost treasury’s role in saving the day, going for the theme of Tomorrow’s Treasurer: Thriving in Uncertainty.


May 2024 2 Min Read

Embracing Digital Supply Chain Tools

Digitalising supply chains can offer improved operational efficiency and stronger supplier relationships. We find out more.


May 2024 20 Min Read

Sixth Sense

A detailed summary of the various plenary sessions which took place at the 2024 EACT Summit.


May 2024 12 Min Read

Much Ado About Something

Is digital trade making as much headway as is sometimes suggested? Societe Generale experts provide TMI with essential insight.

April 2024

Surecomp and partner to enhance AI powered trade finance automation

The new collaboration will address the need for more streamlined and readily accessible data from within trade documents.


April 2024 11 Min Read

Europe’s New Trading Partners: Managing FX Risks and Shifts in 2024

Treasurers must adapt to combat new challenges from an FX risk management standpoint


February 2024 14 Min Read

Treasury Outlook

Pressure on cash management and working capital looks set to be more intense than ever in 2024, forcing treasurers to be resourceful and innovative to protect capital and help navigate their companies through the year ahead.


February 2024 4 Min Read

How Tokenisation is Impacting Corporate Treasurers: a Personal View

Is the digitalisation of real-world assets likely to affect the work of the corporate treasurer? An emphatic yes, says Rafael S. Lajeunesse, CEO and Founder of digital investment banking platform, ReachX. He delves into the story so far and sets out his stall. In...


February 2024 51:39

Making Treasury & Procurement Heroes through Digitisation of Trade

Discover actionable insights as a panel of industry experts delve into critical trade finance topics. 


December 2023 11 Min Read

Entering the Digital and Sustainable World of Trade and Supply Chain Finance

Here, two experts from BNP Paribas explain how banks, fintechs, industry bodies, and corporates, are deploying technology and innovation to overcome SCF obstacles.


December 2023

ETDA – What Next? Transitioning to Electronic Trade Documents

Join us for this insightful trade finance discussion and hear our expert panel outline the key considerations for treasurers when it comes to digital trade