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Addressing Challenges, Delivering Value

The TMI Corporate Recognition Awards reflect the pinnacle of achievement in treasury and finance policy, practice and innovation. With the help of banks, technology providers and consultants, the treasury and finance functions featured in these Awards have addressed common challenges in new ways, overcome obstacles and delivered successes that have a tangible impact on the organisations of which they are a part. One observation from reading through all of the winning submissions once again is that these projects have not been without difficulty. A characteristic of some of the projects that have ultimately proved the most successful are those where treasurers, finance managers and project managers have had the confidence to stop, regroup and change direction where necessary. Treasury solutions and advice are not hard to come by, but personal and organisational confidence can be more elusive. With our thanks to all those who submitted such excellent Award entries, either directly or on behalf of their clients, and congratulations to our Award winners. And, as they say, in no particular order…

Corporate Recognition Awards