Cash & Liquidity Management
Published  3 MIN READ

ONEHub to Rule Them All

Spotlight on Fides’ New Cash Management Platform

The world of treasury never stands still. Here, Fides Treasury Services’ CEO Andreas Lutz talks to TMI about the pace of change in business, the need for better liquidity management, and the newly released Fides ONEHub cash management platform.

TMI: What are the major trends you are witnessing in the finance industry today?

Andreas Lutz (AL): We live in a world where change has become the norm – from economic uncertainty to market volatility and industry consolidation. But not knowing what one day to the next will bring in terms of business risks and opportunities does not mean that one can become complacent.

On the contrary, the pace of change drives the need for innovation, making it more crucial than ever that companies adapt. For Fides, that means putting the right tools at the fingertips of corporate treasury and finance teams to ensure they can spend their time contributing to the success of the business.