Carl Wegner

CEO, Contour


Remapping the Global Trade Space

Contour’s network-based blockchain offering could finally move trade finance out of the dark ages.

Singapore - A Potential Hub for Offshore Renminbi Clearing

Singapore – A Potential Hub for Offshore Renminbi Clearing by Carl Wegner, Greater China Head of Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank Despite a softening in growth projections, China remains a major consumer of both hard and soft commodities and imports of these...


Trade Finance Digitisation: Integrating Systems and Cultures

After years of discussion, trade finance digitisation is finally gaining momentum. While acceptance is growing, challenges are still present in digitising an industry as traditional as trade finance. One well-known challenge is how new technologies and platforms such...

Trade finance: Give Digitisation a Chance

The decision to finance trade is based on the banks’ ability to reduce risk to an acceptable level in order to extend a loan. More often than not, this is done using one of the tried-and-true risk mitigation tools, such as a letter of credit (LC), a guarantee, or open account services. This...

Reducing the Friction: What Trade Finance can do to Improve the Future of Trade

UK businesses have received the strongest indication yet from government ministers that 2020 will mark the end of ‘frictionless’ trading between the UK and EU. This marks a step into the unknown for many businesses accustomed to smooth cross-border flows – not just with the EU but with...