September 2022 8 Min Read

Cash Segmentation, Diversification and Classification

Cash segmentation still puts treasurers in the driving seat to better manage their short- term investment portfolio.


September 2022 7 Min Read

The Importance of Liquidity

Review and maintain a diversified portfolio where you understand the liquidity of all underlying investments.


September 2022 7 Min Read

Outlook: Treasurers Face Myriad Changes

2022 has rocked the short- term investment world with soaring inflation, interest rate hikes, and pending MMF regulatory reforms.


September 2022 1 Min Read

Short-term Investments: What’s Hot? What’s Not?

Industry experts explore current trends in short-term investing – outlining the advantages of maintaining a diversified portfolio, the value of cash segmentation as an optimisation tool, and coverage of the latest regulatory proposals and their consequences.

TMI's Guide to Short-term Investment for Treasurers Video

September 2022

TMI’s Guide to Short-term Investing for Treasurers

Discover TMI’s Treasurer’s Guide to the latest short-term investment trends and insights


September 2022 5 Min Read

ECB, Fed and BoE Hawks Ponder Higher Rate Hikes

Exclusive insight for TMI subscribers! Northern Trust Asset Management share a monthly market commentary for treasurers.


September 2022 10 Min Read

The Need for Speed

How Treasurers are Making the Most of Instant Payments.


August 2022

Global Liquidity Barometer 2022

Drawing on data collected from the treasury community, this survey report offers a means to understand the present future of short-term investing.

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Latest News

14 July 2022
Finastra and HSBC collaborate to bring Banking as a Service FX capability to mid-tier banks

The move will enable banks to embed FX services directly into corporate and branch channels Finastra and HSBC announced today that they are working together to distribute HSBC’s FX services via Finastra’s platform under a Banking as a Service (BaaS) experience. This collaboration...