May 2024 2 Min Read

Don’t Leave the Door Open for Cyber Fraud

We highlight the impact of ransom fraud in unplanned cash outflow, and provide steps to mitigate.


May 2024 11 Min Read

From ESG Data to Decisions and Disclosures

Experts from FIS and PwC discuss the latest compliance issues and how their firm’s respective work helps firms model and assess their risk.


April 2024 13 Min Read

Exposure Meter

Is volatility in commodity pricing simply accepted, or can treasury leverage its understanding of mitigation processes and financial tools to add value?


February 2024 11 Min Read

Risky Business

Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality Following a year of economic growth concerns, sticky core inflation, increasing interest rates, and a rash of bank failures, treasurers have been acting as corporate risk firefighters, mitigating the impact of tumultuous events...


February 2024 17:53

Navigating the Economic Environment and Managing Risk

Michiel Mannaerts (PwC) provides expert advice around how treasury teams can proactively manage multiple varieties of risk and improve their hedging strategies in 2024.


February 2024 39:33

An Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality

Suzanne Perry (RELX), Christof Nelischer (S4 Capital), and Alex Griffiths (Fitch Ratings) provide insight into how corporate treasurers are positioning around credit risk.


January 2024 32 Min Read

How to Write a Robust Treasury Policy and Limit Unwanted Outcomes

Treasury policy is the executive mandate to the treasurer, as custodian of financial risk. This in-depth yet accessible guide explains how to get it right.


December 2023 30:14

The Never-Ending Passion: A Treasurer’s Tale of Risk and Reward

Dominic Lynch (GoStudent) details his treasury journey so far, from his role in Bitpanda’s treasury team to the founding of his risk scoring fintech, Value Block.


October 2023 11 Min Read

Stronger Together

Nicolas Trimbour BNP Paribas) and Laurent Sarrat (Sis ID) highlight the greatest cyber and fraud threats confronting organisations today, together with best practices to avoid being compromised.


October 2023

Risky Business: Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality

This webinar replay offers insight into how corporate treasurers are positioning around credit risk and the factors that could have a material impact on credit quality over the coming months.


October 2023 08:25

Using AI to Aggregate Investment Data: Introducing ICD’s Portfolio Analytics

Zachary Brown (ICD) discuss the launch of ICD’s Portfolio Analytics tool, a reporting solution that aggregates counterparty risk summaries using investment data.


September 2023 6 Min Read

Mission Intelligence

Two industry experts offer an in-depth examination of AIs potential uses for risk management.

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Latest News

10 June 2024
HSBC Announces Global Trade Solutions

HSBC annnounces the launch of Global Trade Solutions (GTS), a new identity for the bank’s long-standing GTRF business.

30 May 2024
Swift and Global Banks Launch AI Pilots to Tackle Cross-border Payments Fraud

The cooperative has convened financial institutions for two pilots that will use AI to enhance fraud detection in cross-border payments

30 May 2024
Societe Generale Launches a Sustainable Global Transaction Banking Framework

The framework will help clients assess and monitor the environmental and social impacts of their day-to-day working capital, trade, and liquidity.

28 May 2024
Surecomp Successfully Reinforces Paperless Maritime Trade Adoption

Surecomp announces the completion of successful electronic bills of lading (eBL) transactions.

21 May 2024
Swift Standardises Payments End-to-end, Giving Banks Ready-to-use Tracking Services to Enhance Corporate Experience

Swift wil help financial institutions streamline the cross-border payments experience for their corporate customers, by extending ISO 20022 across the entire payment chain.