Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  9 MIN READ

We Want Information

Delivering On-Time Treasury Value to All

In an era of instant data, treasurers can no longer afford to work with out-of-date information or deliver vital numbers to their business leaders ‘as soon as possible’. Instead, they want information on demand and on time.

Here, three subject-matter experts from Bank of America unpack the drivers, approaches, opportunities, and possible outcomes of becoming the ‘on-time’ function that truly opens the door of treasury-as-a-business (TaaB) to all.

In today’s commercial environment, making the right decisions quickly is an imperative. Yet many organisations are still clinging on to workflows that use batch processing and end-of-day cash and liquidity reporting. This can hinder the ability to tackle new and evolving risks before they’ve become a serious threat. For treasurers, making the C-suite wait for the right data could mark the difference between success and failure. But even if the right data is on tap, it still has to be managed and presented as a clear and usable resource for it to be of any value. This is where the idea of on- time treasury, discussed in the two previous articles in this series really starts to make sense as it pulls treasury into the everyday reality of TaaB.

One size does not fit all

It is important to acknowledge that real-time, on-time periodically, and batch processing serve different needs, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that treasury should adopt, notes Connie Lyu, Treasury Advisory Executive, APAC, Global Transaction Services, Bank of America.