April 2024 11 Min Read

Europe’s New Trading Partners: Managing FX Risks and Shifts in 2024

Corporate treasurers are encountering new challenges from an FX risk management standpoint – and companies must adapt their hedging strategies, international payments processes, trade finance arrangements, and technology stacks in order to thrive. 


April 2024 11 Min Read

Fintechs Under Pressure

TMI explores the current appeal of the fintech solution from the perspectives of treasurer and fintech.


March 2024 30:45

How Treasury Can Become the On-time Information Agent

Aziz Parvez and Venkat ES (Bank of America) share their thoughts on the connected concepts of On-time Treasury and the Treasury-as-a-Business (TaaB) model.


February 2024 3 Min Read

ONEHub to Rule Them All

Fides Treasury Services’ CEO Andreas Lutz talks to TMI about the pace of change in business and the need for better liquidity management.


February 2024 20:16

Digital RFPs and Taking Treasury to the Next Level

Eleanor Hill (TMI) embarks on a treasury innovation journey alongside Chris van Dijl (Cugavadi) from the perspective of a treasury consultant.


January 2024 11 Min Read

Supermarket Sweep

When UK supermarket giant Morrisons switched from PLC to PE ownership, the spotlight was cast on the treasury team as the new structure took shape. Luke Harris, Interim Head of Treasury, Morrisons, talks to TMI about people, processes, and technology.


January 2024 12 Min Read

AI: Reshaping the Treasurer’s Role

For treasurers looking at taking advantage of AI in their daily tasks, there is much preparation work to do.


December 2023 11 Min Read

Entering the Digital and Sustainable World of Trade and Supply Chain Finance

Here, two experts from BNP Paribas explain how banks, fintechs, industry bodies, and corporates, are deploying technology and innovation to overcome SCF obstacles.


December 2023 21:41

Modern Treasury Consultancy: Embracing the Rise of the Robots

Patrick Kunz (Pecunia Treasury & Finance) joins Eleanor Hill (TMI) explore the key elements that define a high-performing treasury consultancy in today’s financial landscape.


December 2023 19:27

DEME’s Transformation Journey: Improving Payments’ Visibility and Control

Geert Wouters, Anje Reybrouck (DEME Group), and Lenie De Ridder (BNP Paribas) unravel the intricacies of DEME Group’s treasury transformation. 


December 2023 20:42

Points of Interest: The Future of Data Analytics in Treasury

Aniket Kulkarni (PwC) shares his insights on digital enablement and the trends emerging from this space.


December 2023 30:14

The Never-Ending Passion: A Treasurer’s Tale of Risk and Reward

Dominic Lynch (GoStudent) details his treasury journey so far, from his role in Bitpanda’s treasury team to the founding of his risk scoring fintech, Value Block.