Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  9 MIN READ

Treasury’s Got Talent, But How Can Firms Find More – and Keep it?

As skills shortages become ever apparent, corporates are not only rethinking their treasury recruitment policies and strategies but also stepping up their efforts to hold on to their high-flyers. Here, industry experts consider how organisations can retain their best performers and examine the difficulties presented by this new recruitment landscape.

Attracting top treasury professionals has become increasingly challenging for corporates in recent years, with the rise in demand for home and hybrid working post-Covid and skills shortages exacerbating matters. As the competition for the right people intensifies, many companies are busy adapting their recruitment strategies accordingly and giving more thought as to how best to keep hold of their established top performers and most promising newcomers.  

John Donegan, Treasury Operations Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), says the company has regular debates and conversations to discuss strategies specifically for retaining treasury talent. He believes such a proactive approach is essential in light of the significant recruitment market evolution that has taken place over recent years and which is continuing at pace.

He continues: “Simply looking at the rewards package offered is just not enough. To my mind, there are other factors now that generate more stickiness of top talent and these have much more to do with ensuring meaningful career development opportunities for individuals. That particular aspect of recruitment now needs much greater thought and care on the part of corporates, especially when considering the needs of high-performing individuals.