Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  10 MIN READ

Why Attracting and Retaining Top Treasury Talent Takes a Lot More than Money

As demand for flexible working grows and skill sets change, organisations are struggling to attract and retain treasury talent. Here, in the first of this two-part series, experts in treasury recruitment and executive coaching discuss the much-changed recruitment and retention landscape, offering advice on how corporates can win over candidates in an increasingly competitive market. And, no, more money isn’t always the answer. In fact, charity work might be even more valuable and effective.

The workplace is changing, and companies that fail to evolve their employee policies in line with new and emerging models risk losing key staff, perhaps to competitors. So, what can be done to retain the best? 

With more than two decades’ experience in coaching senior leaders and executives, Geraldine Gallacher, Founder and CEO, The Executive Coaching Consultancy (ECC) has seen and engaged with many major changes in the concerns and priorities of senior leaders and executives over the years. She is clear that organisations have indeed entered yet another period of upheaval, one with significant implications for their recruitment and career development policies.

One of the major outcomes of the global lockdown periods during the Covid-19 pandemic was the move to home-working, followed by increased employee expectations to work around a home/office hybrid. Gallacher, who has a coaching team of 90-strong globally, notes now that “employees themselves know very well that they can be productive working from home, I don’t think organisations can put that particular genie back in the bottle. Not all company policies agree.