The Association of Treasurers in Romania (ATR) is a non-profit organization created to support the professional interests of its members, and the exercise of professions related  to corporate treasury, corporate finance, and professionals in the financial and capital markets.

It was established by a group of thirteen founding members who formalised the  group in the summer of 2013 with monthly meetings and activities to discuss issues of interest to members. These members include a total of about 100 Romanian professionals (CFO, treasurer, other specialists in corporate finance and capital markets) working in large corporations and multinationals in various industries including banks.

The main objectives of the Association are to help create a mature and competitive financial market, promote cooperation and exchange of ideas among its members and to promote the profession of corporate treasury and corporate finance to strengthen its prestige and recognition.

Membership of The Association of Treasurers in Romania can be acquired on the recommendation of a member of the Association and approved by the Board. Anyone representing Romanian or foreign interests or assets that are linked to corporate treasury, corporate finance and financial/capital markets that is committed to promoting and supporting the activities of the Association that also accepts its status and pay dues.

The Association aims to become a partner of all institutions involved in the financial/capital markets, academia and public authorities. We wish to represent the common interests of specialists in corporate treasury, corporate finance, financial/capital markets and to make legislative proposals to the authorities with legislative initiatives to improve the legal framework of activity related to the financial and capital markets.

Contact Us

Stefan-Alexandru Frangulea,
Email: [email protected]