Die Gesellschaft für Finanzwirtschaft in der Unternehmensführung e.V. (GEFIU), with the official English name of “The Association of Chief Financial Officers Germany (GEFIU)”, has 175 members who are chief financial officers or finance directors of German industrial and trading companies as well as insurance companies, banks and other financial services. No consultant companies.

Education & Training

Since 1984, GEFIU has organized a unique three and a half day high level seminar for junior high-potential finance employees and for finance managers, from industrial corporations.

Other Activities

5 working committees, meeting several times per year, on:

  • External Corporate Accounting
  • Capital Markets
  • Leasing and Asset Finance
  • Functions and Organisation of Finance and Treasury Activities in Multi-Divisional Corporation Groups
  • Medium Sized Corporations
  • Special Half Day Working Meeting, and Networking Meeting in 2017 on the subjects of Company Siltronic AG: Strategy, Financing, Capital Market Communication and Tax Compliance with Domestic Tax Authorities

Officers & Governance

Board of Management members are elected every year, for a one year term. Members can be reelected repeatedly.

  • Helmut Schnabel, Managing Director, Asecuris Asset Management Advisory GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Chairman GEFIU
  • Ingo Bank, Chief Financial Officer, OSRAM Licht AG, Munich
  • Ralph Dihlmann, Chief Financial Officer, WEPA Industrieholding SE, Amberg
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Heise, Chief Financial Officer, Allianz SE, Munich
  • Rainer Irle, Chief Financial Officer, Siltronic AG, Munich
  • Dr. Stephan Meeder, Chief Financial Officer, CropEnergies AG, Mannheim
  • Dr. Michael Schneider, Chief Financial Officer, NORMA GROUP SE, Maintal
  • Dr. Matthias Zieschang, Chief Financial Officer, Fraport AG, Frankfurt am Main

Association Journal and/or Publications:

Annual Report, a printed publication about association activities. In German language only.

Annual Conference

The Annual General Meeting for all members is held in Frankfurt am Main, during November each year.

Contact Us

Helmut Schnabel, Chairman
Telephone: 0049 69 7707 6606
Email: [email protected]