At Cobase, we believe that corporate banking can be made much simpler and more efficient than it is today, especially in the area of payments and cash management. Our multibank platform is unique because it combines the services of Payment Hubs, Service Bureaus and Treasury Management Systems all in one solution based on a pay-per-use basis. Cobase can connect to almost 15.000 banks worldwide via (our own) SWIFT BIC, H2H, EBICS and APIs and offers the connections as a fully managed service. The solution runs in a highly secured cloud environment resulting in a low total cost of ownership and minimal IT impact. Contrary to IT-only providers, Cobase is licensed by the Dutch Central bank as a payment service provider providing comfort and trust to both our clients and the banks we connect with.


Treasury Talent Insights – The Subtle Art of Finding Your Next Treasurer
In this report we interviewed young Treasurers and the well-known Treasury Recruiters (a.o. Mike Richards) and included a thought leadership part (a.o) of Francois Masquelier.
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The ultimate guide for achieving efficient and safe multibank cash visibility and payments
To optimise cash management processes you need to apply a number of key principles to increase the level of insight into how cash moves into and out of your organisation. Download this practical guide, free-of-charge, and find out how your cash flow management processes can be optimised.
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E-book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Treasurers
While there are many factors that impact the ability of treasurers to do their job effectively, there are seven key habits that are continuously practised by successful treasurers. Download this e-book and you will be well on the way to better cash flow and working capital management.
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Whitepaper: New Developments in Bank Connectivity
New developments in bank connectivity will enable major improvements for companies working with multiple bank accounts. There are however conditions to successfully implement new bank connectivity solutions. Make sure you’ll be able to make the right decision and download the free white paper.
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