The EACT brings together about 14,000 treasury professionals through 24 National Treasury Associations. They are active in 19 countries and represent 6,500 companies.

Our mission is to be the voice of this community in Europe. We do this by representing the financial professionals of the real economy vis-à-vis European authorities and institutions; by actively promoting dialogue at every level; by encouraging our members to develop their competences; by sharing best practices and facilitating high level networking.

  • Promote the treasury profession in terms of what this means for individual treasurers and in terms of the external perception of the value and role of the treasury profession.
  • Support wherever realistic and possible the professional development of treasurers in the NTAs, such as by knowledge sharing, access to training and encouragement of treasury qualifications, career support, providing networking opportunities and celebrating professional achievements.
  • Advocate and in general seek to influence regulatory and other initiatives within the European Union and internationally, wherever these initiatives impact how treasurers can operate to reduce financial risks, add value, or address their responsibilities.