The Association of Corporate Finance Managers, also known as “Treasurers Club” was established in 1996 and contains around 50 members today. Its members are large Hungarian companies and the Hungarian subsidiaries of multinationals whose multibillion HUF cash management and financing needs made it necessary to employ an increasing number of good quality treasury experts. The reasoning behind the establishment of the club was due to a lack of adequate professional training in the treasury world, along with absence of a platform that these treasurers could communicate on.

Today the Treasurers Club is a recognized professional body, their members and the club itself participate in several professional forums and share the experiences gained in the everyday practice of financial management. They regularly organize meetings for their members as well as semi-annual conferences, where internal and external speakers give insights regarding financial, general economy and management issues. On these occasions member companies are represented mostly by various treasurers and finance managers, providing a wide scope for discussion.