Headquartered in London, MillTechFX is an FX-as-a-Service (FXaaS) pioneer that enables corporates to access multi-bank FX rates via an independent marketplace. Its end-to-end solution automates the FX workflow and ensures transparent best execution – helping to save clients time and costs. FXaaS represents the evolution of currency management through automation, integration and validation.

Harnessing the purchasing power of Millennium Global, MillTechFX’s marketplace enables clients to directly access preferential FX rates and credit terms from up to 15 Tier one counterparty banks, with fast and easy onboarding.

MillTechFX’s market access, pricing power and operational resource enables it to deliver a tech-enabled integrated solution that delivers transparency, cost reduction and operational burden reduction for senior finance decision-makers at corporates and fund managers.

Featured Blogs

Three Key FX Trends Facing Corporate Treasurers in 2023
FX concerns will dominate the thoughts of many treasurers in 2023. Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX, explores three key trends that will be shaping the response.
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Overpaying for FX Execution? Time for a Change
Foreign exchange executions are overpriced and inefficient. Discuss. Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX, does just that.
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Five Ways Treasurers Can Improve Their FX Risk Management Strategies
With FX market volatility set to rise in 2022, Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX, makes the case for enhancing risk management strategies and explains how corporate treasurers can adapt to this ever-changing backdrop.
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Research & Whitepapers

How can Digitisation Help Firms Manage Currency Volatility?
With currency volatility expected to continue well into 2023, FX is likely to become an increasingly important priority for corporate treasury teams. CFOs which harness automated, technology-driven solutions that can heighten efficiency and streamline operations will be best placed to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.
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The 2023 Currency Guide for Corporate CFOs & Treasurers
In the 2023 Currency Guide for CFOs & Corporate Treasurers, we share information on what corporate treasurers should focus on in the year ahead.
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The FX Risk Management and Hedging Guide for Corporate CFOs
In our new guide , we explore the challenges that corporates and global businesses traditionally face when it comes to FX risk management and share information on techniques that can help finance departments protect their bottom lines.
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MillTechFX CFO FX Report 2022 – The intensifying FX challenges for corporates
This report explores how much resource they dedicate to FX, challenges they face, solutions they are exploring and if their approach to FX risk management has changed in the face of heightened volatility.
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Learn the Basics of FX
While the FX market has a wide range of providers offering a vast array of services, we believe it isn’t fit for purpose for many asset managers and corporates.
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MillTechFX Expands into Europe
Over the past year, the FX marketplace has been accumulating client business from asset managers and corporates across the globe. Its clients have already traded tens of billions of US dollars and usage is continuing to grow.
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Former HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver joins MillTechFX’s Advisory Board
MillTechFX has appointed Stuart Gulliver, former HSBC Holdings Plc Chief Executive Officer, to its International Advisory Board.
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